Monday, 12 December 2011

Badger's Log - Dark Angels Complete

Ello folks,

I had a fairly productive week last week, with a push to try and get my remaining Dark Angels bits completed. The plan was to get them finished before Christmas, so that I could make a start on other projects (build Dwarfs, paint strip some Dark Eldar, etc.) that have been backlogged.

So yeah, last thing for my Dark Angels was 20 tactical marines, along with a Captain - all from the Black Reach boxset.

Rather than do a tester model like I had with other armies, I'd already painted a Drop Pod and was happy with that scheme so I (somewhat foolishly) ploughed on and made a start on all 21 models. I stuck to the colour scheme from the codex, but went for a bit of a lighter green.

After it's all done, I kinda wished I'd used a darker green as the Badab Black didn't darken it as much as I had liked, but overall I'm pretty happy.

I used Red as the secondary colour for the shoulder pad trims, rather than cream as I wanted that colour to stand out on the robes and Aquilas.

Lastly, here's my Captain who I plan on using as Azrael. I just need to make myself a little Lion Helm bearer from a Chaos Marine Lord familiar.

So yeah, quite happy with him, although the Red on the cloak and the trims was a bit too much.

That's it for my Dark Angels for now!


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