Thursday, 22 December 2011

Badger's Log - Brotherhood of the Forge Progess

Morning folks,

After some time in exile, my Brotherhood of the Forge are currently underway and hopefully will be finished by the end of Christmas break from work. It's taking a fair while to assemble them though, mostly because of the awkwardness of converting the guns.

Either way, over the last 2 nights I've finished off some bits and BOBs...

Arch Confessor Kyrinov
Part of my plan for the army (along with the dream for all my armies) was to have the option of at least 1 of each unit in a Codex. And since I had a spare Dwarf knocking about, I decided to make Kyrinov.

I'm not too keen on him ruleswise, I much prefer Uriah Jacobus and St Celestine, but I've given him his Icon (the lantern) and his Mace of Valaan (The only model int he army with a hammer). He fits the job and we'll see how he gets on in games!

These were planned a fair bit later into my initial thoughts for the army. I'd bought the models and planned what I was going to do, then backtracked and thought I'd make a unit of Dominions.

I made these guys with 2 Melta Guns to try and make use of the scout move and knock out a vehicle early on, along with giving them a Simulcrum Imperialis to try and ensure they pass their act of faith to get twin-linked. The plan is that their cloaks will be red (because red ones go faster!) as it should differentiate them from the rest of the force.

Crusader Henchmen
Crusaders with storm shields and power weapons was something that I wanted since the last codex, unfortunately, my dream of 9 Crusaders with an Inquisitor in a Land Raider was crushed (in the old codex) by only being allowed a maximum of 3 henchmen of each type. And now in the new Codex, my Land Raider option is gone...

These guys are the first time I've used normal Dwarf warriors to build from. The idea being they've got Power Axes and their large shields make up the Storm Shield. I've also bulked them out with some shoulder armour to try and get the feel these are heavy assault shock troops. I might also go back and add masks onto the faces of these guys and give them some more protection.

Where next? 
Well, I've got 10 Seraphim to build and 20 more normal infantry, along with an Immolator. It's taking me a fair bit of time to actually get through them because of how the weapons and arms have to be cut up meaning I've got to glue the weapons in 3 or 4 stages. Either way... They should be quick enough to paint up once they're sprayed and get on the table!


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