Thursday, 3 November 2011

Badger's Log - Venerable Dreads

Morning folks,

Last night I finished off 2 Venerable Dreads for my Deathwing army. They're the standard AOBR Dreadnaught models, painted in a Deathwing colour scheme, to indicate their venerable status. I'm not too knowledgeable on the current Marine codex, but in the Dark Angels book it's just a points upgrade to make them Venerable, so I figured it's worth spending the points.

The thing I enjoyed most about these models was the speed at which I could get them painted. I drybrushed everything with Boltgun Metal, then went over the armour with Dheneb Stone. Lastly I touched up some detailing with Red and Green and then used Tin Bitz to colour the Melta gun barrel.

So yeah, quick to paint and hopefully extremely useful in my army (the only things that have a Melta gun!) next I need to make a start on my Drop Pods for these guys to use.

Next on the paint desk however are 2 Land Speeder Typhoon's ready to go. I'm hoping that since the majority of the Ravenwing is black, they'll also be pretty quick to paint and can add some more Missile shots from those in a support role.


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