Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Badger's Log - Deathwing Completed

Morning all,

I planned to do this blog yesterday but was pretty busy all day. I had quite a productive hobby weekend (and last week) for my Deathwing army.

Across the week I did the armour on the 25 Terminators, which I had been moaning about for a while, and then on Friday, did most of the detail work on the gun barrels and insignia etc. Then across Saturday I washed and based them.

Then I remembered that it couldn't really be an army, as I had no HQ units. So Saturday night I undercoated Belial, my Chaplain and Librarian conversions and then over Sunday got them painted up.

Then, while I was on a roll, I decided that I would do all the bone coloured armour at the same time as everything else. So I dragged out my 2 Venerable Dreads. They're just normal AoBR Dreadnaughts, but they'll be painted in bone armour, to "Indicate they're serving with the Deathwing" as per the Codex description.

So here's an in progress shot:

I've got the second one up to the metal stage, but haven't started on the bone armour yet. They're pretty quick going, I reckon once I've painted the bone armour on the other, it's just a few red and green details and a wash, then they're good to go.

That's all for now, but when the Dreads are completed I'll be doing a vote on here on what I should paint next, so keep a look out for that!


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