Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Hi All,

Angryman here, I got thinking about the rumours for 6th Ed but more specifically,  the background stories (fluff).  Its rumoured to move the timeline on so we officailly enter the 42nd Millenium.  It got me thinking, what do we, as the playing community want to happen?

I'd like to have the Imperium on the very brink of collapse, the emperor could die, visions of doom across the length of the galaxy, uprisings, heresy, a new saint could appear to give the Imperium hope, all the stuff that make the hobby worth playing.

I'd like to see more xeno interaction, The Necrons are rumoured to be waking up fully so I want the Void dragon (rumoured to be on Mars) to stir from its slumber, I want to see another massive WAAARGH by Ghazghkull Thraka (but not on Armageddon), I want to see another Black Crusade led by Abaddon the Despoiler, I want another massive Tyranid Hive Fleet to invade, the Tau could have a 4th phase expansion, the Eldar could start to exit the galaxy.  I want the Chaos Space Marines to take the fight to the xeno's (that would be worth a good read).

Basically I want more of what we have had but in a grander scale.

So what about you guys want from your hobby?

All comments welcome


  1. I want a kroot revolt & the tau to roll over & die :-)

  2. DEATH TO TAU (apart from mine)