Thursday, 5 May 2011

Badger's Log - Bretonnian Men-At-Arms


I've been away over the weekend so not had much chance to do anything further with painting, but in an effort to get playing Fantasy again, I dragged out all my Fantasy related stuff from boxes and set myself the goal of trying to paint 1 unit a week.

First and foremost (until I get some Black Spray) I've set about on my Bretonnian army, since they're my first and only fully fledged Fantasy army.

So yeah, there you are, 15 Men at Arms with Halberds and shields.

After faffing around for a large amount of time over the paint scheme, I stuck with my Black and White paint scheme based on one of the Bretonnian Lord models (can't remember the name of the realm...). Then with Enchanted Blue detailing to match the

If I can be bothered I'm hopefully going to repaint the army in Red and Blue, similar to the GW studio army and similar to a Questing Knight that I painted as a tester.

The other thing you may notice is *GASP* I've not used Black wash on them. This'll soon get rectified when I repaint them up in nicer colours.

Next thing on the paint desk is a remaining 7 Questing Knights.


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