Friday, 6 May 2011

[Event] Phalanx 2011 - St Helens

Morning All,

Thought I'd point out Phalanx 2011, since it's happening not mega far from us.

Saturday 18th June 2011

Welcome to The Phalanx Show website. In it you will find information about the clubs and the traders that will be attending Phalanx 2011 as well as directions and timetables making it as easy as possible to find. Phalanx is the premier event for wargamers in the North West and now in it's 18th year. Phalanx 2011 will be on Saturday 18th June at the Sutton Community & Leisure Centre in St. Helens and opens to the public from 10am to 4.00pm. Adults £3.00, Children £1.00, accompanied children free. You will find over 40 top traders, bring & buy, demonstration, participation and display games. There will be prizes for the best game in each category. You can print a Bring and Buy form here if required, fill it in and bring it, together with your goodies with you on Saturday!
Catering facilities are available for most of the day.
There is also plenty of FREE parking and easy disabled access.
You can contact the Sutton Leisure centre on 01744 810910
The St. Helens Spartans are proud to support
Please note that all photographs on the website are, to the best of our knowledge, used with permission. However if there are any problems please contact us and we will do our best to come to a solution.

For Trade information and Bookings: email
For Club information and Bookings: email
To find out more about the club visit

Anyone else looking at going? There's the possibility of some MAWS demo games going on from other members of the club, but with plenty of retailers and a bring and buy, it might be worth a trip down!

I've added it to the MAWS40k website HERE



  1. I for one would really like to do this, give me a good reason to get some of my armies painted up and ready to show off. How about throwing in a couple of smaller games (500-750pts) and allowing people to take control of a small force for a quick half an hour - an hour game?

  2. I'm game for this, just got to check the dates with the boss (wife) to make sure nothings planned for then. I can hopefully sell my WHFB stuff!!!