Wednesday, 9 February 2011

[40k] Grey Knights Rumours from BOLS

Here you go guys, copied and pasted from BOLS for a bit of discussion...

Unit Breakdown
Special Characters:
Lord "Draigo" LR cost.
Grand Master "Mordrack" Storm Raven Cost
Brother Captain Stern
Castellan Crowe

Inquisitor Corteaz
Inquisitor Karamazov
Inquisitor Valeria

Grand Master
Brother Captain
Brotherhood Champion
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

Purifier Squad
Venerable Dreadnought
Paladin Squad
Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband

Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn
Grey Knights Strike Squad (the regular GK's)



Heavy Support
Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight (MC)
Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)

Unit Notes
Grand Master Rumors
Pick D3 units during deployment and giving them a special rule:
Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
Makes them have counter attack USR.
Makes them Scout
All these units are affected by the one choice.

No Drop Pods
But GK strike squads are supposed to be able to take personal teleporters. This makes them jump infantry. And once per game it is rumored to allow them to make a 30" move, just move... not a on table deep strike. they Can shoot when they do this, but not charge.

Paladins: 2 wounded terminators (they can have an apothecary in the squad)

Purifiers: Grey Knights that have a lot of anti horde options, they are the ones with the power that will do a wound on every engaged enemy model in cc on 4+.

Terminators equipped with frag and krak grenades.

Psychic Powers
Hammer Hand: +1 strength in Close Combat
Warp Quake: Any deepstriking unit that lands within 12" suffers automatic mishap.
Holocaust: S5 AP - Large Blast 12"
Quicksilver: Unit becomes Initiative 10
Warp-Rift: Template that auto removes models from play
The Summoning: A single friendly unit that is anywhere on the table is placed within 6" of the librarian and counts as deepstriking.
Smite: As C:SM
Might of Titan: Beginning of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand.
The Shrouding: Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" gain stealth (minimum 5+ cover in the open).
Mind Blades: Start of any assault phase. One enemy unit within 6" loses 1 toughness for the rest of the assault phase.
Vortex of Doom: As C:SM
Sanctury: Enemy assault phase. Enemy units wishing to assault any Grey Knight within 12" of librarian must make a difficult AND dangerous terrain test.
Psychic Communion (Grandmaster and Captain only): Take a psychic test. If passed, you may modify any reserve rolls by + or -1.
Heroic Sacrafice (Champion only): During any assault phase and when the "chaplain" dies. If the psychic test is passed, make one attack against any one model that is in base to base with the champion. If the attack hits, the model is removed as a casualty with no saves. If it misses, there is no effect.
Cleansing Flame (Purifiers only): Start of any assault phase. All enemy models that are part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck with saving throws allowed. Casualties count towards combat resolution.
Astral Aim (Purgation Squad only): Shooting Phase. Unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range and regardless of line of sight. Target automatically gets a 4+ cover save that cannot be modified.
Reconstruction (techmarines only): Beginning of techmarine's movement. Re-roll any repair roll.
Fortitude (Vehicle only): At the start of Grey Knight player's turn, removes any shaken or stunned results.
Zone of Banishment(Captain Stern only): During Stern's assault phase. All models (friend and foe, but NOT stern) within 6" make a strength test or are removed from play. Demons must re-roll successful tests. 
They sound awesome (as they always did), but with just a lot more options and even more heroic. The thing I like with these is that hopefully they'll be a quick army for people to start and get properly painted, since they should be very small in number.

I may have to get some to ally with the Guard (if it's still allowed) and if not, I've now got a hell of a lot of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers lying about...

What do you guys reckon? Especially Col. Straken..


  1. I'm liking the sound of these rumours alot more than previous ones, but, I do hope that some of those Powers for the squads are optional to give them a few more men if you dont want to take them. I'm unsure as to why they have put Hereticus and Xeno Inquisitors in as they have nothing to do with Grey Knights in the slightest, they seem thrown in to create hype I cant see them being in the final cut.

    I hope the Brotherhood Champion is called a chaplain in the final aswell as they do have chaplains they just rarely fight. and I would rather see the Grand Master/Brother captain rolled up with the Librarian instead of having the Libby as a seperate choice.

    2 Wound Termies with Apothecary... they are going to be very very Costy.

    All in All though, it seems reasonable, I just hope they keep Nemesis weapons as they are and keep the storm-bolter counts as an extra weapon in combat. Bonus of having most the models already, I dont have to buy more!!! Though I may grab some Guard to make more Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, will have to wait and see what the Codex holds.

  2. Where's the titans ? With each new release they throw in more & more stuff. Maybe they're saving them for the blue boys