Friday, 24 September 2010

[Necrons] Tomb Stalker

So FW are releasing a new unit for the Necron army called the Tomb Stalker. I was hoping that it may make it into the new codex, but I can't see them releasing a resin version of a model now, then a kit for it in 18 months (hopefully) time.

Anyway, here's the model itself:

I really love the whole Steel centipede thing that's going on. Feel like like really fits with the Necron style as well. Plus it reminds me a bit of a Pokemon (although I can't remember which one...)

Experimental rules can be found for it here, where it takes up a Heavy Support choice: Forge World - Necron Tomb Stalker

So waddya think? Can I bring it out to play? Pretty please???



  1. The rules look good, the model looks good, id love to play against one

  2. I think Forge World rules are great if its a friendly game, and I am always willing to play with and against them, the models are great, the rules are solid, and the cost both points and money is fairly well thought out... plus, everyone needs at least one FW model!!!