Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[Editorial] Why do we play?

Hi all,

Angryman here with a question, Why do we play wargames?

Do we do it to satisfy any megalomaniac tendencies? Is it to indulge the child residing in us all? some do it to to get away from the wife and kids, others because they never really lose the geek streak!
I got back into the hobby because the gothic setting of the 40K universe with its dark and forboding character really appeals to me, Its something I've remembered from when I started playing as a kid. The tactical challenge the game brings, the socialising and the break from the kids are just a bonus!!
So, Why do you play wargames?


  1. I'm a teacher and as such (a) I bring a huge amount of work home, and (b) I have a lot of time off.

    The hobby allows me to clear my head of work between about 2300 - 0100 so I can sleep soundly, and the time off is a great binus for actually getting some modelling done without having to rush or pack all my stuff away.

    As long as it's okay with Mrs. Drax(!)

  2. I play mainly because I love the background and I think some of the Black Library writers are really good.

    When I start an army I look to the models I either like the rules/idea of, like the fluff behind, or like the look of the models. Their effectiveness on the table always comes second.

    I enjoy trying to make my models look individual and different (not that it always works out as planned)

  3. I think it should be more "Why do we do the Hobby" not why do we play :)

    I enjoy being able to come home from hectic times at work, drag my painting desk out and just relax.

    I like seeing my painted work on a table, squaring up against a friend and it also (thanks to the club) gives me a regular chance to get out of the house, without wasting tons of money.

    Also, it satisfies my creativity in bursts, as opposed to other hobbies which require a LOT more effort and time.

  4. Agreed with above, its for the creativity and relaxation, i box a lot, and its physical and not much intelligence is needed, my hobby is completely different see.

    Captain Khorne