Friday, 25 June 2010

[Update] Daemonhunter and Witchhunter PDF

Thanks to Mitch for the comment he left us on the last blog entry, where has emailed GW HQ and got an answer to the question about Allies:

Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:34 AM

To: US Customer Service

Subject: Rule Book question

I noticed there is a codex: deamonhunters pdf now on the website
The english version is missing the inducted guard/marines, where the german/french/itallian/spanish version includes the allies part
Does that mean that English speaking people got a mistake on the book?
Does this PDF override the paper codex I just purchased for 30$?



The new PDF is up for the people who do not have access to buy the codex anymore. The missing Alies section in the U.S format is indeed a mistake. And whichever one the tournament/event organizer says to use is the one that we have to abide by. I know that for our tournaments we will be using the Physical codex and NOT the PDF. I hope this helps!


John Hollingsworth
Customer Service Specialist
So basically they're saying the Paper Codex trumps the PDF and that Allies ARE allowed, which is cool and the way we would have ended up playing at the club anyway.

It's worth noting however it's still down to individual tournament organisers, so it's best asking in advance - although I can't see why they would have any problem with it.

Once again, thank you to Mitch for getting the answer, which I've copied and pasted from his blog Mitch - Ottawa Gamer onto here to share with people.

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  1. excellent news for grey knight players

  2. To play devil's advocate here, I have heard other people get other responses from GW customer service, and all of the different languages of PDF versions have said different things.

    To be honest, I hope DH and WH are allowed to retain the ability to induct units (which somewhat makes up for their old codices), but that other Imperial armies are not allowed to take those two as allies. It's fine for casual games but creates issues for tournaments that really just shouldn't exist.

  3. @AbusePuppy

    Yeah I can understand that. Sounds a LOT like something GW would do, having done it plenty of times over the past few years when playing LOTR:SBG.

    I like the allies system for allying INTO WH / DH but not allying out. I think in the next codex they should just have "Space Marine squad" and here are the stats for a basic inducted Marine squad, weapon options at X pts etc.

    As opposed to taking units out of other codexes, but I suppose it sells 2 or 3 books instead of just 1.

    Personally, this will be the way we play it at our gaming club, but people will have to check with Tournament organisers what they say beforehand :)

  4. you would think that GW would put out either an FAQ or an update to advise people exactly what they were going for with this PDF codex

  5. @SB
    I rather agree. I think that just having IG/SM units printed in the WH/DH codices would solve a lot of problems with allies, and it's really not all that hard to just C&P some blocks of text in rather than saying "go look in this other book."

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