Thursday, 24 June 2010

[News] Daemonhunter and Witchhunter Codex PDFs

Hey guys,

It's been a while coming, but GW finally deliver the Codex PDFs for the Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters.

Image courtesy of: Dakka Dakka

You can find the Codexes on the GW Website, but you'll need to Register / Log In to get access to them

The first thing the Internet seems to be up in arms about is the supposed removal of the Allies rules from the Daemonhunters book. A lot of blogging sites have jumped on this as an attempted move to "Nerf Imperial Guard Mystic Spam" from the "Meta Game". I personally think it could be an oversight on the part of GW.

They've cut a LOT out of the PDF codexes, even removing the section on building a Grey Knight army (with the Force Org chart picture) and some other ones such as defining what is and isn't a Grey Knight unit... leading some Internet idiots to start quoting things like:
"Grey Knight Dreadnaughts are Grey Knights now... so they get all the special rules etc."

Apparently there's also some variation between Regions. Apparently, the French Codex has a 4 shot Assault Cannon and the Allies rule present.

It's also noted that the Witch Hunters codex still has the box for what can be allied into a Witch Hunter army, but no mention of what can be allied out.

The last point of debate is whether this PDF over-rides the printed Codex, or if it is simply a tool to allow Electronic access to a book they no longer wish to print, providing the stats for new players and a reference printout for existing players? People are arguing the Blood Angels PDF and the Warriors of Chaos Fantasy one in White Dwarf superceeded their relative Codex and Army Books, but this doesn't seem to be an update, just making it available.

So what do you reckon?

Balls up by GW and they forgot some pages? Conspiracy theory to get rid of Imperial Guard Mystic Spam? Blogging sites are all over-reacting? Or even a mega conspiracy from GW to remove allies and force players to buy new models to fill that chunk of their army?

Personally, I think that they're rushed the release of this, when really, if they're cutting some pages from the book, they should have replaced them with new pages covering the necessary information and a big filler picture for the rest of the space.

If they have got rid of Allies from both, then that's about the end of my Brotherhood of the Forge army plans...

Peas and Glove.


  1. GW answered my email: Paper codex trumps PDF

  2. Thanks a lot Mitch! Extremely helpful :)