Monday, 28 June 2010

MAWS 40k's House Rules FAQ

Afternoon all,

After some discussion, this should have been done a loooooong while ago. I've wrote up a quick FAQ on some issues we've faced over the weeks at the club, which has been sped up by the fact there's been debate over the WH/DH "Can they ally anymore?" issue with the PDF.

So have at it:

It's currently a work in progress, so the more questions that get asked - the more answers we can provide on here. You can also find a link on the right hand side of the page, in our handy "MAWS Links" section.



  1. I think your ruling on Tyranid CCWs is pretty crippling, even though you're technically correct.

    -Genestealers can't use Rending Claws plus Talons or Toxin Sacs, so they're effectively worthless.

    -Warriors, Primes, and Shrikes can't use anything + Toxin, crippling their CC effectiveness to the point where I don't think they'd be worth bothering with.

    -Raveners can't use Rending Claws, so they have no real point at all.

    -Lictors, Deathleaper, Hive Tyrants, and Old One Eye are all pretty much unable to use their Scything Talons, and Hormagaunts can't use them if you bother to upgrade them with Toxin (like most people do.)

    In short, you cripple a huge number of units and builds from the Tyranid codex by doing this for reasons I really don't understand. It is, I suppose, your decision, though.

  2. @AbusePuppy

    Cheers for the comment as always. The ruling has been based on the Tyranid armies we've seen played at the club and was ruled for a league until Games Workshop give us an official FAQ.

    To clear it up, it only affects Tyranid Close Combat Weapons. Not upgrade items.

    So far, we've not seen any massive problems with it. It was generally just a case that people pick which CC weapons they want to use - be it Scything Talons, or Rending Claws. They only get to benefit from the special rules for one per turn (you choose).

    Toxin Sacs are allowed to be used as they're an upgrade, not a weapon so you can use them in conjunction with anything else.

    I'm not an expert on the Tyranid Codex, this is just a collection of FAQ questions answered by me after speaking to a few people. It's intended to solve arguments at our gaming club.

    Does it sound a bit fairer now? Practically 99% of the time it comes down to at the start of close combat do you want to use your Scything Talons to re-roll 1s or use your Rending Claws.

  3. How annoying is that, an in-house FAQ is formulated and the day after GW releases 2 FAQ's that pisses all over the in-house one. Its time think of the questions and issues that GW hasnt