Monday, 17 May 2010

[Upcoming] Chaos Daemons Second Wave

So Sunday afternoon I get informed there's an email going round from GW about the second wave of Daemons coming in October. When checking the mail, I'm extremely dissapointed to find there's no pictures of anything new.

In August, the immortal legions of the Ruinous Powers - the Chaos Daemons - will pour forth once more from the Realm of Chaos to drown the Warhammer world and the galaxy of the 41st Millennium beneath a tide of blood and destruction. Even now, mystics are assailed by nightmarish visions of horror and death, the fractured minds of madmen echo with sibilant whispers, and the doomed clutch symbols of their weak gods closer to them.
A host of incredible new Citadel miniatures for both Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Daemons armies and Warhammer Daemons of Chaos armies will soon be released upon mortal battlefields. All will be revealed in July here on the Games Workshop website and in August's issue of White Dwarf magazine, so keep an eye out for more information.
This means pretty soon we should be seeing images of them, although they could just show up unannounced in a GW email, like the Boarboyz and River Trolls did for Warhammer Fantasy.

What can we expect to see in the 2nd wave of releases? Here's my thoughts:

Plastic Daemon Prince

This guy has been floating around for ages. He's showed up a German White Dwarf, if I remember rightly and since then he's been spotted in the Warriors of Chaos army book for Warhammer Fantasy a couple of times, and also another spotting in either Battle Missions or Planetstrike, stood on top of a large building.

What we know is that he's plastic, more Daemonic and less Space Marine looking, comes with option of Wings and has several heads, torsos and weapons.

Likely Factor: 10/10

Plastic Seekers of Slaanesh
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Seekers are I think the only unit (excluding characters etc.) that have no available models to represent them so for the last 2 years, people have been having to convert or count-as to get these on the table.

The reason I've said these are likely to be plastic is because of how slender they are. If they're going to make them, I think 5 to a box for £15 would be enough to get people running 2 squads of 10 in regular games.

I think we'll definitely see them released, the debate on plastic or metal is the only clarification needed though.

Likely Factor: 8/10

Plastic Plaguebearers
These, unlike the other rumours above, haven't had anything confirmed other than wild speculation. I think that these would do well like the Tyranids and Necron Warriors used to come, with bases of Nurglings included in the pack. 10 Plaguebearers for £15 with 2 or 3 bases of Nurglings on the sprues and people would lap it up.

Likely Factor: 5/10

Plastic Horrors
Like with the Plaguebearers, I feel getting the 4 core troop choices in plastic would be a good move for GW, allowing more people to branch out from Khorne or Slaanesh, or those who have already invested in Nurgle or Tzeentch to bolster their forces.

It would also kick start people such as myself to move away from mono-God army lists and branch out into a mixed chaos list - something I've considered but didn't fancy paying for lots of different bitz to convert out of.

It would be even better if maybe these were a prime release box, say £18, but the boxset could allow you to make 10 Horrors or 5 Flamers, through some handy multi part section work.

Likely Factor: 4/10

Metal Blue Scribes
These guys can be converted from Blue Horrors on a Disc of Tzeentch. But I think these guys would tie into....

Likely Factor: 4/10

Plastic Chariots
Plastic Chariots for all! I think it would be too much to ask for 4 seperate chariot kits, with upgrades to the riders to allow them to be special characters like Skulltaker or the Blue Scribes. Or the other option is a generic Chaos chariot with a couple of extra parts here and there, Glyphs, Armour plates, etc. Then 1 rider from each Chaos God on the sprues.

Likely Factor: 3/10

The Changeling
A lot of people have made these out of all sorts of models - posessed space marines, chaos sorcerors, mutated Guardsmen etc. But I think GW might just decide to release him as a metal model.

Likely Factor: 3/10

Plastic Bloodthirster
This was an offhand rumour going around some of the forums that GW might bring out a plastic Bloodthirster model. I'm not sure how much of it is wish-listing and how much is the rumour mill but it would certainly be good to see.

Likely Factor: 1/10

Character Conversion Packs
The final thing I can come up with is Metal conversion packs to make some of the named Greater Daemons, such as an extra head, wings, weapon etc. etc. This is very much wish-listing though, and a lot of people have already proved you can make them from the options in the current boxsets.

Likely Factor: 1/10

Personally, I'm really looking forward to this release and what it holds for us Daemon players!

So what do you guys think? Any other ideas or suggestions?


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  1. I am quite liking the plastic Daemon Prince. Much better than the current incarnation. I would however like to see one or two varieties of it, rathar than just different heads and with or without wings. I hope there are lots of extras and bits, like different arms, weapons, legs, if they want to keep it to one body to stop people getting two DP's for the price of one, that would be fine.