Sunday, 7 March 2010

[Blood Angels] Stormraven - It's in the codex!

Well... one of the most hotly debated subjects recently has a photo from the codex:

From the wording it sounds like it can transport 2 seperate units AND a Dreadnaught (via a grapple on the bottom) which is a bit mental.

Aside from that, it's nothing too major... so you don't get the extra D6 from Melta weapons? Boo-hoo.. take a Lascannon. It's only AV12 so it's nothing massive...

Plus if rumours are led to be believed, it's a Heavy Support choice in there. Basically, you're looking at a Valkyrie that can transport 2 units, with better weapons and immune to extra D6 from Melta Weapons.

At the bottom you can see the word "Assault" before it gets cut off, so I assume then it's an assault vehicle. But I'd guess there's a restriction saying that they can't assault from a deep-striking Stormraven...

Not long to go now chaps!


  1. Could this dex really be as awesomely overpowered as all the rumours suggest ?????

  2. I saw the codex and it is 200 points and holds 12 models plus a dreadnought. There is no picture in the codex of it so you may have to make one yourself. It also has 4 one-shot missiles that are strength 8, AP 1 or 2 and has a range of 72". 11 Dreadnoughts is the max if you were curious… 5 can be troop.

  3. Thanks for the info.

    It'll be interesting to play against anywho, sounds like it has a lot of nasty combos to hit you with, but after that they're stuck and in combat.

    Overall... looking fun to play again!

  4. Is there at least a sketch or drawing of the Stormraven in the codex? It would be nice to have something to help make scratch build plans...

  5. There is absolutely positvely no pictures sketches or anything else. A tip off by someone at Games Workshop said that it "a chapter will get its own codex later in the year, which will also have the stormraven and a model could be released towards end of this year. Makes sense he said considering the chapter." Wouldn't say who but I reckon either white scars so they can transport 5 bikes or blood ravens on the back of the Dawn of War games. Either way got a bit of a wait until then.