Tuesday, 16 March 2010

[Battle Report] The Weekly Waaagh! vs Ultramarines

Today I figured, rather than do a full article, to pass the time I'd come up with a new section of the blog called "The Weekly Waaagh!" which will revolve around what went on this week for the Orks at MAWS.

This week, I played against Ultramarines, an extremely well played tactical marine based army in our 40k league at MAWS. The scenario was a random roll 1 to 6 on our mission chart, and we ended up playing Annihalation with Dawn of War deployment, which I ended up having the first turn again.

With a list revolving around 2 big mobs of 30 Boyz and 2 Battlewagons I decided I'd set up off the board and run like mad to get to the other side. The marines however, being the canny sorts they were, deployed in the opposite corner to the bulk of the Ork army - meaning the journey across the board was now even longer.

Aside from a couple of stray lascannon shots and Whirlwind salvos from the Marines, nothing much happened until turn 5, when the WAAAAGH was called! Shooting was left out, aside from my 15 Lootas managing to immobilise a Drednaught. All in all, the remainder of the 30 Boyz mobs assaulted a tactical squad each, the Burna squad destroyed a Sternguard unit, the Tankbusta wholloped the Drednaught and the Deff Rolla crushed the Land Raider into a small pile of scrap - leaving Cassius and his tactical squad bodyguard in the open.

Turn 6 and it's 6 - 0 to the Orks in Kill Points. Ultramarines turn - Cassius steps into the fight.

Using his combi-flamer, he manages to burn a shocking amount of Burna boyz and Slugga Boyz meaning both squads are dangerously low to being destroyed. 1 of the Big Meks gets flatenned by a Tank Shocking Rhino in attempting death or Glory. Terminators wipe out a remainder of a squad of 30 boyz.

Then the turning moment of the game - Cassius and his tactical squad, through clever movement on the Ultramarine part and shoddy tactics on the Ork part, ends up assaulting the remaining 5 Burnas and Mek, 6 Ork Boyz and 10 Tankbustas. The Orks lose 8 casualties compared to the Ultramarines 2.

Cue the fleeing Ork horde after needing Snake eyes, even with bosspole re-rolls! 3 kills points thanks to one assault!

It would have ended there 6 - 6 thanks to 1 pivotal turn for each player, had a Tactical squad from the Ultramarines not fled from the table due to the 6" from an enemy rule.

All in all, one of the most enjoyable games I've played for a long time and I take my Orky hat off to Chaplain Cassius. We shall meet again! WAAAAAGH!


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  1. This battle report is why i really enjoy the 40K game, clutching an almost draw from the jaws of defeat.