Saturday, 27 February 2010

[Orks] Waaaagh! Nobrot!: Weirdboyz

Hey all,

I'm getting more regular with these so I'm trying to get through the units in the army and the remaining units that I don't have models for, I'll try and buy, converted and play with to give my opinion on.

Last article I covered the Big Mek HQ choice, so it makes sense this time to cover the remaining HQ  - the Weirdboy.

Weirdboy Gazzar with a stolen Chaos Sorceror Staff and Warbiker Waaaagh Mask!

A lot of people look down on the Weirdboy, and in some ways, rightly so as by taking him as the HQ choice you lose out on certain options, such as Nobz as troop choices (and scoring units) along with the combat power from your Warboss. Then the Kustom Force Field ability, Deff Dredz as troops to free up your Heavy Support options and the ability of Leadership boosting in your Elite units.

However, you have to look at the Weirdboy from a different point of view. True he doesn't allow you to take some units as Troops. True he can't lead from the front. True he doesn't have access to cool special equipment. The thing he does do well though is support your big units of Boyz, which every Warboss should be using, albeit quite randomnly.

The random element of his powers can come in handy, catching opponents off their guard each turn, but can also be frustrating to the Ork player, not knowing what will happen and not being able to plan around that. So the simple thing is... don't plan around the Weirdboy, let him add to your plans, but reduce the risk by always upgrading the Weirdboy to a Warphead!

Let's have a look at his psychic powers and we'll see why....

'Ead Banger
S6, AP3, Blast, Pinning - sounds good - but it's resolved on yourself... This is the 'downside' Psychic ability, giving you a second risk on top of your psyhic test. If you're clever and have put your Weirdboy into a squad of Boyz that are spaced out well enough, this isn't so bad. But in a smaller unit of Nobz or other Elite Orks, it can be a nightmare. Not to mention the fact it will cause pinning and damage the Weirdboy.

The same as 'Ead Banger, but you get to target an enemy unit. Being a blast weapon really helps the Weirdboy with his shoddy Ork ballistic skill. This is a good power to throw at a Marine squad, deny them the armour and if you're lucky, you could take out half the squad, leaving the remainder an easy target for your Boyz squad.

A souped up Lascannon with the Melta special rule - excellent... but it does have a downside. First of all, the shoddy ork Ballistic Skill, meaning the chances of you actually hitting it aren't so great. But also, if you're leading a big Mob of Boyz, they then all have to shoot and assault said vehicle. Can be handy if said Vehicle is a Rhino and you can snap through it, but if it doesn't come off, you're a bit stuck there... It's also pretty good for Monstrous Creature bashing, or targeting independent characters on bikes.

This is THE power you want when leading a 30 strong Slugga Boyz mob. An extra attack per model, meaning your Weirdboy, Nob and the other 29 Boyz are looking at over 125 attacks on the charge. Nothing is likely to stand up to that.... It's extremely handy, you just don't really want to get it too early in the game. Not much use having +1 attack in the first turn with nothing to assault.

'Ere We Go
A very handy power, in that you can Deep Strike (along with unit) anywhere on the board. Comes in really handy at getting either to an objective with a foot slogging mob in a late turn, or going for a Turn 2 assault with said mob, by using this in Turn 1, weathering the incoming fire, then going for it after that. However, this power can be extremely frustrating if you don't want it to happen. In one game I sat with the Weirdboy protecting my home objective, with his 20 strong Shoota mob, then rolled this ability. I tried to then Deepstrike them close by so they could try and get back, scattered off the board and ended up being placed by my Opponent, away from the objective and right near his troops for the next (and final) turn. Bad times!

A free Waagh move can come in extremely handy, albeit not so much now in 5th edition where Run moves are optional, but never underestimate in a late game turn being able to inch that bit closer to an assault, just to guarentee you get in and contest or wipe out the unit.

My first Weirdboy - Weirdboy Gutrotta doing his very best Hamlet impersonation, and his Grot assistant, Smasha!

Personally, I'd always ensure he's at the heart of at least a 20 strong Boyz mob, the Weirdboy benefits from the Mob Rule, meaning he's going to pass his psychic test the majority of the time. As I said previously, I'd always make him a Warphead, having the re-roll against Frazzle or swapping the Deep Strike move for something more situational is invaluable.

I don't tend to use the Weirdboy much nowadays, in my Snotling days as a Warboss, my original army was formed around him and a Warboss, leading foot slogging mobs of 30. He does have his place, you just need to work to limit the random factor and accept that he isn't a Warboss or a Big Mek.


  1. Weirdboys are excellent --- but I use Old Zogwort (special character) as my joint 2nd HJQ option along with a Big Mek with Shokk Attack gun. Would use these together but I like Thraka to much :-) Next game as I play with orks may use that conmbo just for the sheer stupid orkiness of it lol.

  2. I'm gonna do a run through of Special characters in the next article maybe. I've not converted all of them yet, so may wait until then.

    I use my Mega Warboss as Thraka, Biker boss as Wazdakka (which is who he originally was gonna be) and aside from that I've got Mad Dok Grotsnik made.

  3. Sorry to add, but frazzle and zzap hit automatically. (It's in the codex) Makes them much more reliable.

  4. My mistake on that one then! That's what you get for trying to write a blog up whilst on lunch at work, Eh?

    Thanks for pointing that out :)