Sunday, 10 January 2010

[News] Incoming! - Blood Angels

Look what arrived in my inbox at 7am this morning :)

Incoming! Blood Angels

This April the Blood Angels will be re-launched with an all-new Codex and range of plastic and metal miniatures. One of the oldest and noblest of all Space Marine Chapters, the Blood Angels have stood fast against the enemies of the Imperium since the Great Crusade and it was their Primarch Sanguinius, who laid down his life to aid the Emperor against Horus in the final hours of the Warmaster’s rebellion. The new Codex explores the background and history of these superhuman warriors like never before, and contains new artwork depicting some of their greatest battles and most powerful champions.

The Blood Angels have always been a powerful close combat army and have been made even deadlier thanks to a range of specialist wargear, the ability to field Assault Squads as Troops choices, and more Dreadnoughts than any other Space Marine Chapter, including a Death Company Dreadnought and the fabled Furioso Dreadnought. The Sons of Sanguinius will be deep striking onto a tabletop near you this April – now’s the time to practice painting red.

No mention of a joint release with something else, but April is way earlier than expected....

Could this be the fabled year of 4 codexes? I'm hoping so!

What do you guys reckon? WHat are we going to see in the Blood Angels book and is it going to be a joint "Angels of Death" style codex?


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  2. Def not a joint "Angels of Death style codex --- I don't want to sully the Blood Angels with that lot.

    Seen a couple of rumours already on the forums. Just hope they don't ruin it.

    * BA could lose the vet seargeants in each squad and have to assign them one from the vet assault squad (removing/not buying jump packs for tactical squads)---- like space wolves with wolf guard.

    * I want a couple of better phsycic powers --- with all codexes prospering on this one. BA only havin wings (move as if witgh jumppack) transfixing gaze (models in base to base lose 1 attack) Might of heros (+D3 attacks)

    * Best has to be the inclusion of Moriar the ven dread (Elite/heavy support choice) but the best bit of the rumour is that he can take 2 ven dread body guards --- how good would that be :) .

    Will have to wait till feb/mar white dwarf for a few more answers --- role on April !!!!

  3. i think this will be a stand alone codex with the rumours about a joint fleet based codex going to templars and dark angels.

  4. Was thinking about the release schedule last night, and who knows the "joint BA / DA / BT" Codex might not have been a joint one as we think... maybe just back to back releases.

    Normally there's 3 months between each major 40k release, in which there's a Warhammer Fantasy and LOTR release each month.

    January - Tyranids
    February - Beastmen WHFB
    March - Mordor + Plastic Fell beast LOTR
    April - Blood Angels
    May - Next WHFB army book, Tomb Kings?
    June - LOTR release
    July - The OTHER Marine dex
    August - Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition
    September - LOTR / Extra Fantasy Stuff
    October - Necrons / Dark Eldar
    November - WHFB again
    December - Generally a Marine dex / popular Fantasy army.

    So who knows... we might see 4 codexes this year!

    Also, the talk about Dark Eldar is, because ALL the entire range is being re-done it would like dominate releases for 2 - 3 months, which could fill out the back end of this year.

    If so, I'm looking forward the Necrons or Dark Eldar getting done. My Robo-men are waiting to be woken from Stasis inside their army case!