Tuesday, 12 January 2010

[HOBBY] The New Boys

Recently I made the decision to start a new army, I wanted something that would be fun to play and something I could individualize. Over the years I have found that I play better with a small elite force where losing one model can affect the game, and normally with a list like that I get close to winning. So thinking along these lines I found the smallest list I could with as much room for personalizing as possible. After a few weeks of writing list after list of armies I settled on Space Marines, something draws me to them, not the blue and gold of the Ultramarines, it’s the unsung heroes like Shrike, who although has a character, no-one knows much about him, and Lysander who is in a similar situation.

The list I decided on was:

Pedro Kantor - 175

Lysander - 200

Techmarine - 105
Harness, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

10 Sternguard - 285
Combi-Plas, Melta-bomb

10 Tactical Marines - 215
Plasma gun, Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter, Fist

10 Tactical Marines - 195
Melta Gun, Plasma Cannon, Storm Bolter,

Land Speeder - 60
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder - 60
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer

Land Raider Redeemer - 240

Land Raider Redeemer - 240

Land Raider Crusader - 250

However as I wanted them to be unique I have decided that I am going to make my own chapter, and this is what this next set of articles will be about. Building this chapter from the ground up into something worth singing tales of.

First why this list, why not something more playable and forgiving, well I do best with a small elite force, and I don’t think I could have got much smaller. The way that the guys are kitted out is part sense and part for how they would look. As a quick Breakdown, the three Independent Characters will go with one squad each, Lysander with the Sternguard, Kantor with the Melta Squad and Techmarine Mohammed with the Plasma Squad.

So here is the unit and their objectives:

Sternguard with Lysander in the Land Raider Crusader;

The point in this squad is they are Scoring because of Kantor and Lysander makes their bolters Twin-linked… nasty. They will move up with support from the rest of the army and jump out with their special ammo weapons blow a unit away with help and fire support if needed from their crusader, which will either shoot the same unit until is crumbles or fire at another to weaken it for the next shooting phase.

Melta Marines with Kantor in a Redeemer

Although he is technically my main HQ he gets relegated to a normal squad because Lysanders Bolter Drill is more important to Sternguard than normal Marines. These are on the flank of Lysander and either jump out and melta a Rhino/Land Raider or provide fire support or target a separate unit with fire support from the Redeemer.

Plasma Marines with Techmarine in a Redeemer

This squad has a similar role to the one with Kantor, but if anyone breaks down then the Techmarine jumps out and fixes them, in theory of course.

Land Speeders

These were originally going to be a Dreadnought, but I wanted to make my army as mobile as possible and Land Speeders are cool, these will Harass the enemy and target heavy weapons which threaten my Land Raiders.

Later this week I shall start on the fluff and I may even post a few paint scheme Ideas for the army for your criticisms.


  1. very tough list, it'll be hard to pop 3 landraiders, which you have to do if you want to stop the scoring units, saying that, it'll be short on numbers but really good at what it does (shooting). The list may struggle in close combat but there are a coupld of characters to back up the combats and space marines are quite good in assault.

  2. thats the plan, with one Character (and Techmarine Mohammed) in each unit it give them a bit of a boost, and most people who will be assaulting me will have been whittled down from the firepower from the previous turns. Hopefully the basic marines would be able to hold their own against all but the dedicated assault units and then the power fist Characters should mop up the remaining opponents. When facing dedicated assault units/armies i will just focus more firepower on each unit i assess as the biggest threat and hopefully wipe it out or get the numbers down to a managable figure for the assaults to be onesided in my favour (which also lessens the effect of bad luck)

  3. After a few tweeks I have decided that i would Drop the Power Fist off the Marine Squad and the Melta-bomb off the Sternguard, with the 30 points i save taking a Heavy Bolter instead of the Heavy Flamer on one Land Speeder. On the other Land Speeder I was going to Drop the Heavy Flamer for a Multi-Melta, which leaves me with 20 points remaining, with these 20 points I was thinking of giving the Land Speeder a second Multi-Melta and giving the Crusader a Storm Bolter. I will have to try them out first.