Tuesday, 8 December 2009

[CLUB] Necromunda

A long while ago (about 2 years, which is long in club terms...) a fair few of us from MAWS ran a short Necromunda campaign and keep harping on about how we want to start it again.

Finally last night we got around to having a refresher game to get back used to the ruleset and whatnot, so we're able to run a campaign smoothly and also introduce prospective players.

It was a 3 way gang-fight between Ste's House Orlock gang, Rob's hand-flamer of doom Cawdor gang and my surprisingly Greenskin looking Goliath gang (the idea is to make a gang using Goliath rules to represent Orks, then use them as Kommandos / Kill team in my 40k Ork army.)

- The central structures on the battlefield.

- Rob's Cawdor Heavy Stubber takes aim at the Goliath gang...

- The Orlocks begin to move towards the central building, taking heavy fire when crossing the open walkways.

- The Orlock gang moves into play, accompanied by Dog, the Bounty Hunter (cue theme tune)

- Waaagh!!... House Goliath begin to storm across the board with Heavy stubber support from the only gang with 2 Heavies.

All the scenery was from Ste's Necromunda card building boxsets and the elements of levels within the gameplay really adds to why I like Necromunda, as well as ll it's little intricacies such as Ammo running out (which near enough every Heavy Stubber on the field ran out of ammo)

Definitely looking forward to playing this some more over the coming weeks, up until we start our Warhammer 40,000 club league again.


  1. I've never played necromunda before, but it looks cracking fun.

  2. Who said gang warfare was endemic to modern britain....we evn have games about it !!!! (climbs off moral high horse)

  3. nothing wrong witha bit of Gang warfare, these gangers dont pick on the innocent! they kill each other for the fun of it

  4. 2nd game of necromunda played, what have we learnt?

    1. heavies always run out of ammo on sustained fire
    2. always give heavies a backup weapon
    3. a melta gun to the face will hurt!!!
    4. scummers are not as good as you think
    5. bounty hunters are well worth the points

  5. 6. close combat orientated gangs suck in close combat
    7. Dual plasma pistols are awesome for a str6 shot with ammo roll of 4+ every turn
    8. lasguns DO run out of ammo...

  6. 2 guys with dual close combat weapons charge one guy, easy win right? no one dies quickly the other from a charge off Dog the Bounty Hunter, guy armed with Knife and Empty Lasgun lasts 4 rounds of combat, almost wounds the Hunter before dieing. I get the feeling this isn's right.

  7. dog the bounter hunter cannot be killed - he is immortal, like me ha ha ha ha