Monday, 7 December 2009

Waaaagh! Nobrot! Part 1: Planning and Painting

Hey everyone, welcome to the first part of a series of blog entries from myself on my Ork army, basically showcasing it from beginning to end, now that I'm at the stage where I don't feel like I want to add anything more for the sake of competitive lists.

The idea is that I'll talk through some aspect of the army in each post, some tactics, how I use them, conversions etc. etc.

So, I started this army in August 2008, with the intention of buying a new unit each month and then waiting until that is painted before doing anything. How wrong I was! Now it's within sniffing distance of 10,000 points with some upgrades.

The first purchase I made was the Codex, planned a couple of lists with that, then bought the Ork Battleforce from Britcon, for about £42. Originally I wanted to run an Infantry heavy list and looked to sell the Bikers, but now I'm extremely glad I didn't as they have become a staple part of my list.

Then this was reinforced by a box of Orks I had from when the 4th Ed codex has been released, and the release of Assault on Black Reach, basically giving me a 1000pt army that I could game with, get the hang of some stuff etc. etc.

It then spiralled out of control that any time I got a lump sum of money I was buying job lots or bulk deals on Orks. Mainly for the conversion aspect and because I could paint them so, so quickly - as opposed to my previous armies.

My original idea was that I would replace any Orky vehicles I didn't like the look of, with looted vehicles / units from other armies, which was reinforced by a Deffskullz background.

This then evolved with me finding blue really easy to paint with, making a really effective colour scheme, as opposed to my Original Goff army paint scheme, which the black was quite boring.

This is Warboss Nobrot, working his way up through the Lootas, then the Flash Gitz before finally taking control of Waaagh!! Gnasha! by defeating the current Warboss, becoming the biggest and best Loota around.

The army paint scheme for Waagh Nobrot is pretty simple. It had to be considering I've got hundreds of them to paint.

Metal: Heavy drybrush of Boltgun Metal
Skin: Knarloc Green
Clothing: Randomnly chosen between Khemri Brown, Adeptus Battlegrey and Calthan Brown
Tattoos / Warpaint: Ultramarines Blue
Bone / Teeth: Dheneb Stone

Then top this all off with a big wash of Badab Black to shade the entire model and darken it.

The base had the sand painted Black, then drybrushes of Codex and Fortress Grey, with some Static Grass dotted around.

So yeah, that's an intro to Waaagh! Nobrot!. I've gotta try and decide what to write my next blog on now.

Any suggestions? :)


  1. Have to say Mr Badger I like your style of writing. I wish I could put something on the blog ;) Still keep the articles coming its help keep the night daemons away!!! (Activites the Chainsword and waits in a darkened corner.)

  2. Seein as you've got that lot finished wanna paint another 8000-10000 for me :)