Friday, 11 December 2009

Awesome 40k Ork as Guard army

Saw this on Bell of Lost Souls and thought I'd need to repost it here for all to enjoy.

Seriously, some of the most awesome models I've ever seen, especially the 2 "Choppa" Valkyries. It's really given me ideas now... I've got nearly 10,000pts of Orks, to do something similar would be awesome, but also detract away from my fledgling Guard army somewhat.

I'm thinking along the lines of...

Warboss w/ 5 Nobz (Waagh Banner, Painboy etc.) - Command Squad with Vets.

3 squads of 10 Ork Boyz, Nob and Big Shoota - Veterans with Sergeant and Melta Gun

- Trukks / Looted Chimeras - Transports for the Vet Squad above.

- 9 Ork Bikerz - Rough Riders

- 'Ard Boyz - Storm Troopers

- "Choppas" - Valkyries / Vendettas

- Skorcha Wagon - Hellhound / Variant

- Grotz - Conscripts

- Weirdboyz - Primaris Psykers / Psyker Battle squad

- Meks - Techpriests

Then you get to things that you can't really use an Ork equivalent of, in the guard list:

- All the tanks basically.

I've seen and heard a lot of "counting as Guard" lists, with variants of what they are, but I've not seen anything nearly as good as the Ork Deffskullz that I've posted pictures of.

Seriously good work on behalf of the guy who made them and apparently he's gonna be posting more over the next few weeks on BOLS.

A link to the original article: where all the original pictures are taken from.

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