Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March Painting Pledge - Chaos Space Marines

Morning all!

So I've over-run a bit into March already but I'm hoping I can claw the time back over the space of the month. Anyway...

This month I was a bit unsure what to go with and had two options - a load of Eldar vehicles and weapons or Dark Vengeance Chaos Marines. I figured I would try and get the Chaos stuff out of the way to coincide with the release of the Chaos Daemon Codex and have Chaos themed month.

Last night I packed away the Dark Angels bits I had painted up and dragged the Chaos stuff out of the box it was in.

I'm still not quite sure what legion to paint them up as, although I've got an Abaddon conversion somewhere in Black Legion paintscheme, along with a Khornate Daemon army to ally alongside them so that muddies the water a bit.

These are the ideas I've got for paint schemes anywho (and bit of a "why I'm reluctant" on each):
  • Black Legion - I've got Abaddon already done, severed heads on my Deathwing bases are Black Legion, and the Daemon Prince from my Daemon army has black legion armour. It's not too much of a stretch to have BL elements in the army if they're renegades though.
  • Alpha Legion - I like the idea of Cultists. I'm not too keen on a Turquoise scheme as I think it's a bit similar to my Dark Eldar army. Plus, I can't imagine Alpha Legion using certain aspects I like of the Chaos Marines - such as Forgefiends, Terminators and Raptors. They probably do use them, but to me they're not units I'd associate with Alpha Legion.
  • Fallen Dark Angels - Idea behind this they'd be the Darker Green colour I used for Cypher and lead by him as a Dark Apostle. Only problem is it's more green... Although it'd make for some cool conversions.
  • Word Bearers - They're allying in with a Daemon army, so it'd make the most sense for summoning lots of Daemons yeah? Again my only issue with this is the similarity to painting lots of red Khorne Daemons. Although it would tie them together visually and other than my Daemons, I don't have a red themed army.
There's plenty more scope for Custom schemes and everything else, but I'd like it to tie in with Daemons and the possibility of being lead by Abaddon.

Right, so that's that sorted... Onto this month's hobby pledge!:

  • 1 Chaos Lord
  • 6 Chosen Chaos Marines
  • 20 Cultists
  • 1 Hellbrute
  • Chaos Daemons Codex and Psychic Cards
  • Bloodletters
 I still need to buy the actual Chaos Space Marines codex, but I figured that can be for another time once I've painted the army up and looking to where I can expand.

That's all for now folks... Let's see what I can get done and try and decide on a paint scheme pretty sharpish!


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