Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thing: The Myrmidons, and the battle for Kramirp

Lately I have been really out of the Hobby, I have a new job meaning our regular Monday night games have to be small and late, and soon I will be working so late I won't be able to play at all, moving into a new house and having a kid to look after means that I get little time to do anything at home.

However I came into possession of a large number of Terminators a while ago and have yet to do anything with them, and have played around with a few ideas. I have also planned to build an entire scenic table for my new house, now that the house is almost ready, I thought I would throw my ideas out here for people to prod me to get them done (I get a lot of ideas that just fade away).

The table has been playing around in my head for a while, and I am now starting to get some solid ideas going, I also thought, why don't I tie the Terminators and game board together leading me onto the Battle for Kramirp and The Myrmidons. This is going to be a very long term project, I am hoping to do one model a week and the table wont be started until after Christmas probably.

So, onto The Myrmidons and where they came from:

The general idea is that I wanted a chapter that was close combat oriented, but were just as happy with long range fire support, I also wanted them to be a veteran chapter, either going along the lines of the first company, or just thats how they work. I orginally played with the idea of the Minotaurs, but wasn't that captivated by their background, so I have decided to do a successor chapter, from the Minotaurs. The Myrmidons enjoy the same ties to the High Lords of Terra that the Minotaurs have, and as such have a ready supply of Terminator armour, and aspirants. The Myrmidons don't recruit from one home world, prefering to take the greatest heroes from any technologically stunted planets they pass. The chapter only has two fully equipped companies of Space Marines, but maintain five full companies of scouts, this is because an aspirant, once starting on the road to becoming a genehanced brute must rise from the 7th Company scouts, up to the 6th, then the 5th and so on. Once a scout has reached his full potential in the 3rd Company, then he will be given his first suit of Power Armour, these are some of the best suits that the Imperium can provide along with their choice of weaponry. Generally, because of the cultures that they Myrmidons recruit from the favoured weapons are axes, spears and swords, usually acompanied by a shield, though some have found a kinship with their ranged weapons. These soliders are usually heroes of their homeplanet famous for their marksmanship with a bow, or other similar weapons. The Myrmidons as such have a reliance on infantry and rarely use vehicles, this has made them excellent urban fighters, to make up for the lack of heavy tanks they often deploy Terminator squads, or intersperse Terminator armour between squads to soak up the heavier firepower and provide mobile heavy support.

The Battle for Kramirp:

The latest engagement (and the proposed game table) of the Myrmidons has taken place on the planet of Manutia, in the city Kramirp, the Myrmidons have pushed deep into the city fighting against a renegade Planetary Defence Force. The fighting has been street by street, room by room but the Myrmidons are at last making the final push on the Palace of Mosley, this is when the full level of corruption is displayed, but it isn't one to be expected. The PDF and city governor have been tainted by a Genestealer cult and the Palace is infested with smaller Tyranid creatures as well as some larger ones which have been kept hidden in they myriad passages and tunnels. The Myrmidons now face a desperate fight to destroy the Tyranids and their cult guardsmen before they are overrun.

I plan tomorrow to have a rough sketch of the table layout from a birds eye point of view constructed in paint (so it will be very basic) along with a few ideas I have planned for the Myrmidons, which won't be pictures yet (I plan to start building one tomorrow), but general written ideas I have bouncing around, and any tips or problems you think I will encounter (and ideas of how to get past them) will be very welcome.

So there is my return to blogging essay, return tomorrow for an update, and I then plan to do weekly updates every Wednesday until the project is complete. Hopefully with a lot more pictures!!!

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