Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sisters of Battle Rumours

These are probably everywhere around the internet now, but for those who can't view on phones and such, I'll repost here and add my thoughts.
I want to confirm for everyone that the Sisters new “book” will be coming out sometime this year (most likely before the Necron release). There is more– SoB will be White Dwarf only release stretched over two issues, with a online PDF by the end of the year. I had reported this possibility (in a cryptic matter before) on BoLS, so this is a confirmation of said rumor. Cruddace will be the author for PDF as well. No word on new sculpts, but my bet is on only resin recast of existing models. As for the rules I have nothing to report as of yet, but look for at least two ecclesiastical characters from the fluff/past to appear in the new dex. - From Blood of Kittens
 So yeah, sounds very much like a "Get you by with what models you've got, since we've messed something up" or a "Here you go, now be quiet." release.

I'm not too keen on it being in WD, I think it could be seen as a ploy to bump up buying it, especially since I know a lot of people have dropped off from WD, and I personally haven't bought it in almost 2 years, aside from the Spearhead issue (hence my reasoning).

Personally, I'm not up in arms about it all being in WD, as hopefully it will clarify a few things in sisters book, make it a bit easier to work with and possibly provide a few new characters or units.

What I would expect is:

Redeemer / Priest type Hero
Special Chars

Priests as per Sanguinary Guard

Sisters of Battle Squads
Storm Troopers (Likely be the first thing to go..)
Zealot Mobs (as was in the WD Chapter Approved thing a while ago)

Immolators (Yep, this is where I reckon they'll go)

Penitent Engines

So that's my predictions. I reckon the Zealot mobs, the article will say "Use Empire Flagellants for" and the characters will be relevant to whatever models they have available.

What do you guys reckon? I think I'll be waiting for a PDF to become available on the GW site, and waiting to see what goes on...

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