Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stormraven launches

This has been a long time coming and I'm glad I've finally reached the end of it.

When I got the new codex there wasn't that much I needed to add to my army as I already had over 8000 points of blood angels, besides some sanguinary guard and a few new characters. With no model for the Stormraven I decided I'd have my first real attempt at a scratch build. Keeping price to a minimum and because sooner or later they'll bring out an official model.

I wanted to base the Stormraven on the Thunderhawk, as the codex describes Stormravens as having been in the service of the Blood Angels for some time but being mistaken for them. This also gave me the idea of building a slightly larger than GW scale model so that if / when an official model is released I can use my scratch built Stormraven as a Thunderhawk (but time will tell).

If anyone saw my earlier post I ran into a little trouble when deciding how to do the wings and tail. After a lot of messing about and other projects (like painting a whole 2000 point list for a tourney in a week) and other bits and pieces the Stormraven project was put on hold.

The weekend just gone we went to Warhammer World for one of the club members stag do's, after a night on the town. I decided to crack on and try to get the thing finished for this. Alas, I wasn't able to, but got it finished on my day off when I got back home. At last it is finished and ready for its first outing on Monday.

All weapons are magnetised so I can give them all a run out at some point. The hurricane bolters were easy to place and was originally going to have a chin mounted assault cannon. I then had to find a place for the second turret and didn't like the look of one on top or underslung. So they each got stuck on a wing tip.

The magnetised dreadnought isn't painted yet, but thought I'd stick on the customary picture I've seen on most other Stormraven builds.

For the final touch I decided to put the Blood Angels insignia across the wings and hull of the model.

So there you go. Hopefully you like the finished thing, any comments would be appreciated. I don't think it looks too bad for a plasi-foam-card model that cost less than the £6 Valkyrie stand to put together and the couple of hours paint job (it takes me longer to paint 1 marine ).
I know whats going to happen on Monday though, after all that time put into it it'll be 1 shot, 1 hit and "We're going down !!!!!" ---- that's gaming for you !!!


  1. Looking really good for a scratch build. Much better now it's painted and completed.

    It'll end up being target priority #1 in every game, just like my Valkyrie was!

    "Sarge, they've got a flyer!"
    "Bring it down! Bring it down!"

  2. I'm building a T-fex myself and I doubt it's going to look half as good as this, congrats on such a great scratch build!!!

  3. this model is prob one of the best examples of scratch built ive seen. its going to look really good on the table, when do we get to see it in action?