Tuesday, 27 July 2010

MAWS Warlord 40,000 - 2010 Results

Morning all,

It's been a long time coming, but I've finally managed to dish out the trophies to everyone and take the necessary pictures.

For those reading the blog who are unaware, Warlord 40,000 is an annual mini-league that we run in after Christmas, before our club AGM. It's basically a 4+ game tournament split over the space of a couple of weeks, using the 32-Nil scoring system, along with a couple of missions done by me.

 So here goes... *drum roll* the Manchester Area Wargames Society Warlord 2010 winners.

The Warlord Trophy belongs to Angryman... Until next time!

1st Place - Ste (Angryman) Also awarded "Blood for the Blood God" most Kill Points For.

2nd Place - James (Sanguinuis)
Blood Angels (4th Edition)

3rd Place - Mark

Best Army Award - Marcus(Brother Captain Uriel Ventris)
Best Opponent - Me (SuicideBadger)
Wooden Spoon and "Martyrdom" (Most KP against) - Rob (Col. Straken)
Chaos Space Marines
All in all, it was a decent competition as always. We allowed the new Tyranid codex to be used, we'd had a 2 week grace period for it and only came across a few issues which were Rules Pack FAQ'ed as a get by. The Blood Angels codex showed up half way through, but we carried on with 4th ed rules for that point.

I went for a pretty weird Ork army, compared to what I usually use (Tankbustas, Lootas and Trukk Boyz) mostly down to coming up with a list at the last minute during pretty busy period at work. Also... it meant I could transport my army in 1 box...

I'm intending for my Brotherhood of the Forge to be completed for next year's Warlord, so maybe with that motivation there, it'll keep me going for a Paintlog style setup.

Here's looking forward to next year, with some new armies for everyone!



  1. A rare picture captured of me ----- maybe I should have been called Cypher !!!

  2. they seek him here, they seek him there, i bet they never thought to seek him in walkden