Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[Upcoming] Chaos Daemons Second Wave: UPDATE

After yesterday's post about the second wave of Daemons, I've had this picture brought to my attention from DakkaDakka.com and Warseer:

Plastic Seekers of Slaanesh, supposedly shown accidentally at a Games Day. You can also see the plastic Daemon Prince in the background too.

So yeah, enjoy :)



  1. they actually look kinda awful

  2. I agree and will stick with my cold one conversions --- the colour is awful as well. Think this is a larger scale model than what would be produced. I know the daemon prince is further away but they ain't far off his size.

  3. The colour is a test piece colour. They've not been painted that way.

  4. Well I for one, quite like the model, the Daemonette isn't posed brilliantly, but the actual seeker looks really good, once painted up in a purply pink I think it will look really effective. I also like the ant-eater style tongue and mouth.