Friday, 13 May 2011

Grey Knights - Brotherhood Champions

The Brotherhood Champion got ruled out the minute I opened the Codex, 100pts for a one wound model with a special rule for his attacks. But, I then used this guy in a game last week for the purpose of this article and I was pleasantly surprised by him and he didn't get killed!!!

So, lets take a look at his stats first, he comes in at WS 7 and Initiative 5, the rest is as per standard marines except he is LD10. He comes with Artificer armour and Iron Halo as standard (2+/4++ saves) and an Anointed Blade, which is Nemesis Force Sword (so +1 Invulnerable in combat) that can re-roll failed wounds. So now looking at this guy he looks a little more tempting, a 2+/3++ is pretty survivable in combat, and he is hitting on 3's before most units, but he is still only one wound, surely he must have more going for him for a 100pts.

Well, this is where he gets interesting, he has a few special rules, the first is Titans Herald, this lets you re-roll failed Hits the turn the Champion and his squad assault an enemy (just like a Chaplain). He also comes with a Special Attacks, he has to pick one of three options:

The first is Sword Storm, the Champion makes ONE attack against EACH enemy model in base contact with him (and doesn't get a bonus for charging). This means he can get up to around 7 attacks against a large squad, quite a good number, but he could also end up with only one or two if you charge the wrong units.

Secondly is Blade Shield, the Champion forgoes making any attacks but can re-roll any failed saves. This could be handy if he is in a unit of terminators and they charge a small elite squad where he gets few attacks and would be little use, while keeping him alive against the enemies attacks aimed at him.

Lastly we have Rapier Strike, I think this would probably be the most useful if you want him in a dedicated assault unit. The Champion makes D3 attacks (+1 if he charged) at Initiative 10, but they must be targeted at a single Independent character or Monstrous Creature in base contact.

The Brotherhood Champion has two psychic powers, the first being Hammerhand (+1 strength) like every Grey Knight unit. But he also has Heroic Sacrifice, which comes into play if he dies, if successful he makes a single attack against one enemy model that was in base contact when he died (the Champion picks I assume), if the attack hits, both models are removed from play with no saves of any kind.

The Brotherhood Champion has very little he can take as wargear, limited to Digital Weapons (re-roll one failed hit) for 5pts, these seem pretty pointless when you want him to be charging to get his re-rolls anyway. Empyrean Brain Mines for 10pts, these let you pick one enemy model who then has to take an Initiative test, if they fail they cannot attack that turn (very very tempting). He can also take Psybolt Ammunition (+1 str to the storm bolter) for 5pts, this is great if you have spare points, but I prefer more men.

So, 100pts, for a one wound Chaplain with funky attacks and isn't fearless, is he worth it? Maybe, maybe not, all I can say is, when I used him he managed to hold up and almost kill 20 Daemonettes virtually on his own. He survived their rending attacks as they charged in and got 7 attacks using his sword storm ability, killing 5 of the enemy (even with me forgetting that all Grey Knights have Preferred enemy!!!).

Well there you go, another HQ down, let us know your thoughts on the Brotherhood Champion.



  1. I like him. He's basically the GK Chaplain, at the same cost, with a LOT more kit and rules for the cost. That's hard to dismiss very readily.

    The bigger issue is the Codex itself being so HQ heavy. Librarians are almost auto-includes. Grand Masters are monsters and Crowe, well some people want Purifiers as troops so he's another competitor for the slot. There's Mordrak, too, and after all is said and done you just have to leave somebody out.

    Sometimes I wish we were all allowed 4 HQs, :)

  2. I agree. The Grey Knights are very HQ heavy and I am going to be trying the Brotherhood Champion a few more times. I just think 100pts for one wound is alot of points.

  3. I like the sound of this guy. Always do like 1 man units that can be kitted out to do a lot of damage.

    Although he's only got 1 wound, I think it makes him more of a challenge to get into combat and deal with enemies - rather than just a "Walk him forward, shrug off stuff, get in with 1 wound and chop everyone down".

    Let's see how he goes on the table in a few weeks!

  4. he can kill a titan in theory, it´s totally lame and unbalanced.