Wednesday, 27 April 2011

[Event] Warboot 5 - June 19th

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd do a bit of shameless promoting via the blog for an event that MAWS is running - Warboot 5!

First off, for those that don't know what a "Warboot" is, it's exactly like a Carboot sale but for Wargamers. People show up, rent a table and flog off their wargaming stuff.

I've been to all but 1 now and I've picked up some excellent bargains along the way (although the one I went selling at, I ended up spending more than I made in selling), and I know other MAWS members have picked up some excellent deals from sellers.

The event will take place at the club hall (Location Here) on June 19th between 12 and 4pm (sellers be there earlier to set up!)

If you'd like to sell, then it's £5 per table and to book one, drop Paul an email (email address in the image - to stop spammers!) if there are any still available.

If you'd like to come down and view what's on sale, then it's £1 entry to get in and have a walk around. There'll also be some food and drink served on the day.

It's definitely worth going to, we've had some awesome bargains in the past... and also some that have slipped by us. It depends entirely what's there and who shows up to sell!

Any questions, drop us a line and I'll do what I can to help!


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  1. i'm looking forward to this, hopefully off load some stuff and pick up a few bargins