Tuesday, 10 August 2010

[Battle Report] Orks v Slaanesh Daemons

Morning all,

Last night was (pretty likely) the last practice game I'd have before Britcon. I went up against Sanguinus' Chaos Daemons, running a pure Slaanesh force. Now Pre-Game, I'd worried about this army, due to the speed it can get around the board and assault units from a large distance.

Last week, Col.Straken's Eldar had a tough game against them, so I was up for whatever was coming my way. We played a 5 objective mission using the Spearhead deployment. 2 Objectives were in (or extremely close) to my chosen deployment corner. First turn went to the Orks.

Turn 1 - Orks
The Orks press up the field, spacing out the large Boyz mobs to try and force the Daemons to deepstrike further into the corners of the board. The Mek in a Battlewagon kept closeby to his Boyz mobs, Deff Dred and the Killa Kans, sheltering them under his forcefield. Whilst the Nob Bikers and Warboss zoomed off to reach the outer objectives.

Turn 1 - Daemons
The Chaos Gods weren't please with the pre-game sacrifice Sanguinius made, giving him his "un-chosen" side of the army, which consisted of 10 Seekers, 2 units of 6 Fiends, 2 units of 10 Daemonettes and a Herald on a Chariot. They all managed to deepstrike successfully on the table, with the Herald moving in close to Shoota Boyz on a home objective, shooting them with her Daemonic Gaze and successfully wounding 1. First blood to the Daemons!

Turn 2 - Orks
My Grots remained lurking offfield in reserve, whilst the rest of the Orks pressed forwards. The Slugga mobs pressed either side of a central building to aim for an objective each, while the Nob Bikers moved to target a small Daemonette squad that had showed up next to the objective they were aiming for. The Burna wagon stayed central in order to flame through a doorway onto a Daemonette squad inside the building.

The Bikers managed to whittle down their Daemonettes to 2 remaining members, the Shoot Boyz knocked 2 wounds off the Herald on Chariot and the Burna Wagon took out the Daemonette squad inside the building.

Turn 2 - Daemons
Another smaller Daemonette squad showed up on the board from reserve, backed up by a Slaanesh Daemon Prince adding to the number of bodies on the table. The Seekers and Fiends moved to combat a Slugga Mob and the Burna Wagon respectively. Whilst the Herald shot her Daemonic Gaze at the Shoota Boyz again, killing another and then charging into combat.

Thanks to a lot of rending, the Fiends exploded the Burna Wagon, killing 7 Burnas in the resulting explosion (Ouch!) and losing 1 of their number in return. The Seekers were unable to fare much better against the Boyz mob, managing to kill 13 from their salvo of attacks, but getting wiped out in return, allowing the Boyz a consolidation move forwards. The Herald on Chariot charged into the Boyz and was killed off, after she killed 3 Boyz.

The Daemon prince killed a few Boyz with Breath of Chaos on the way in but lost a wound through combat, whilst the Orks passed their no Retreat wounds.

Turn 3 - Orks
The Orks swarmed forwards again aiming for the Daemonette squads that were appearing, looking to see them off to prevent the Daemons capturing objectives. The Deff Dread and Shoota Boyz tag teamed to wipe out a unit of Daemonettes and the Burna Boyz with Mek took out the Fiends who had destroyed their taxi.

The Nob Bikers and the Boyz mob behind them reduced the Daemonette squad nearest them to their final remaining member.

The other Boyz mob went after the final remaining Daemonette squad, thinning them down to 4 remaining members.

Turn 3 - Daemons
Now the heavy hitters finally started to show up. 2 Soul Grinders, a Keeper of Secrets and another Seeker squad. Unfortunately, the Keeper of Secrets and 1 of the Soul Grinders ended up being misplaced by a bad scatter, so were put in a car corner of the battlefield.

However, these guys showing up started to swing the battle. The Soul Grinders maw weapon claiming 2 Nob Bikers. The remaining Daemonettes fled for cover in an attempt to hold the objectives.

Turn 4 - Orks
We were running out of time for our alloted practice time limit, so we decided to end it once turn 4 was complete.

One Ork mob was stuck in combat with the Daemon Prince, the Nob Bikers finished off the final daemonette in the unit near them, and the second Ork mob moved up and called a Waaagh in order to reach the only remaining Daemonettes on the table, wiping them out in assault after losing 4 of their number. The Daemon Prince took out another 4 Boyz in his assault, but went down to his last remaining wound after some good Power Klaw hits.

Turn 4 - Daemons
With no Daemonettes left, the remaining Slaanesh Daemons just went to try and kill off whatever they could. One Soul Grinder trying to reach the Ork Boyz camped holding the only objective that was captured, but was inches out of range.

The remaining Soul Grinder attempted to splat the Nob Bikers, with 1 Biker failing his cover save and being removed via instant death.

The Seekers charged into the Nob Bikers, killing off 1 Nob Biker and causing some messy wound allocation on another 2, including the Warboss, but losing 4 in retalation, resulting in a drawn combat.

Final Result
Orks 1 - Daemons 0

Had it gone on for another turn, I'm sure the Daemons could have started to race across the board and wipe things off the objectives, when their big stuff finally showed up. My gameplan when the first turn kicked off was the aim for the Daemonettes and wipe them off the table, meaning the only option for the Daemons was either to table me, or result in a draw.

It was a tough game anyway, the worrying thing was that most of the things needed 5s or 6s to wound or glance, but with rending, I was always being denied the chances.

Tough game and good preparation for an upcoming tournament. After hearing a lot about the way the Slaanesh Daemon army was going to play, I was worried prior to the game, and I still am, considering had the game been played out in full.

If the other half of the army had showed up first turn, rather than what did, it would have been a different story.

Cheers all,


  1. Dam nob bikers !!!!! The bane of all my armies

  2. i hear that, i hate them things!!!!