Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Phoenix Lords

After a good year of not playing with Eldar I decided to venture back to the Path of the Warrior mainly from having my Space Wolf terminators dying to gaunts, and reading “Path of the Warrior”. I have always used Karandras as I love the Striking Scorpion models and rules. However, I wanted other people’s views on the “best” Phoenix Lord, I am going to do a quick run down of each Phoenix, and their rules/stats, then leave it up to you lot to decide. I may even try using the most voted in my next game with Eldar.

A Quick overview of the basic Phoenix Lords Stats, just to give an idea

7 7 4 4 3 7 4 10 2+

Special Rules:
Fearless, Eternal Warrior, Fleet of Foot, Disciples (can only join his own Aspect, and makes them Fearless)


First up, I will look at the First Phoenix Lord, and first of the Exarch’s, Asurmen. This guy has the basic Phoenix Lord stats, which are Impressive to say the least. This guy comes equipped with a Diresword, which is a power weapons with the addition of, for each successful wound (after saves) the model must take a LD test or be removed from play (not insta-killed) but his is better, with the ability to re-roll failed to-wounds. He also gets an avenger catapult which has 4 Str4 AP5 shots on his wrist. Asurmen also comes with a 4+ invulnerable save, the only Phoenix Lord to get one. He comes with both Dire Avenger Exarch powers, Defend (-1A) and Bladestorm (+1 shot, but cant shoot next turn)

Jain Zar

Next is Jain Zar, she is the Phoenix lord of the Howling Banshee’s, if Banshee’s could assault out of transports I think she would be the deadliest Phoenix Lord, for 190pts, you get a Str 5 AP3 assault 2(?) weapon, AND an executioner which gives her +2S in combat. She comes with both Exarch powers, War Shout (enemy takes LD test, if failed WS1) and Acrobatics (counter-attack), but also gets Furious Charge, taking her, up to 5 Str 7 Power weapon attacks on the Charge, and the rest of the Squad up to 3 Str 4 Power weapon attacks each. But because they can’t assault out of a vehicle, they lose a lot of momentum, and can be easily picked off with their 4+ save.


Karandras is the Phoenix Lord for the Striking Scorpions and comes with a massive 7 attacks on the charge, he can either take these at Str 5, or Str 8 Power fist. He has both Exarch powers, shadowstalk (infiltrate) and Move through cover, and Stealth which gives the Scorpions a 3+ cover save the majority of the time. The real downside is that he has fleet and his squad doesn’t, which means although he can take on most units on his own and happily slaughter them all he will then be left alone and without any support. Also the lack of an invulnerable save means that although he can and would happily kill most units, if he is using his power fist then he will be lucky to survive their attacks.


There is then the fearsome Fuegan, who will return for the Rhana Dandra, the time of ending. This guy is devastating, he comes with the basic stats, a Fire Pike (18” Melta gun) and both Exarch Powers, Tank Hunters, and Crack shot (Ignore cover and re-roll failed to wounds). On top of this he also gets Feel No Pain, and a weapon which lets him attack like a Monstrous Creature and at Str5, there isn’t much about this guy other than shear strength and destructive abilities.

Maugan Ra

With only two Phoenix Lords left, I think these two are the least useful, but still interesting. Firstly there is Maugan Ra the Dark Reapers Lord, he comes with a Shurican Cannon, which is assault 4 pinning AND rending! Plus he has an executioner on the end of it, making him Str 6, he comes with both Exarch Powers, fast shot (+1 shot) and Crack shot (ignores cover and Re-roll failed to wounds) he also gets acute senses to make him deadlier.


Lastly is Baharroth of the Swooping Hawks, he comes with Power sword and the Hawks Talon (3 Str 5 AP5 shots). He also gets both Exarch powers Skyleap (can go back into reserve) and Intercept (never hit a vehicle on worse than 4+). On top of this he grants his squad hit and run, which is helpful with their wimpy 4+ save.

Well there you have it, the Warp Spiders and Shining Spears don’t have Phoenix Lords as they are “New” Aspects, and were not around during the Battle in Heaven. Which is your Favourite?


  1. On the tabletop, I don't think any of them can compare to most of the special characters that have come around since then. They're good, but they're just not at the level they should be at compared to others.

    Personally, I prefer Maugan Ra. He just looks miles cooler than the rest of them, like a Dark Reaper on crack... as opposed to bigger weapon, more hair plumes and nicer armour.

  2. I personally prefer Asurmen and Fuegen, Dire avengers are my fav aspect so Asurmen is a no-brainer and Fuegen is awesome.