Thursday, 1 July 2010

Music for war

Hi All,

Angryman here with a question. If you could have a soundtrack for your battles what would it be?

I recently completed Dawn Of War II and that got me thinking about the music of 40K. I love the gothic and dark music the game plays but surly there must be better music to listen to while you punish your opponents army!!

There is the traditional rock and metal music. I love ACDC and their music has done wonders for the Ironman films. You could go all twisted and get some Danny Elfman music (the guy who did the sounds tracks for Batman, Batman Returns, Sleepy Hollow etc, you get the picture). You could even go army themed, for example
  • Space wolves - Scandinavian music
  • Vanilla Marines - eye of the tiger (Rocky)
  • Tyranids - Aliens soundtrack
  • Blood Angels - Operatic music
  • Eldar - Lord Of The Rings soundtrack
  • Orks - I'm struggling with this one
  • Dark Eldar - anything by Chesney Hawks (pure evil)
  • Tau - for some reason German music is coming to mind (efficieny????)
  • Imperial Guard - any music associated with Vietnam
So what music would / do you listen to when gaming and what music do you think would best suit each race?


  1. I really like the idea that orks are just out, having a blast crumping stuff, following no other higher calling than their love of mayhem, destruction, and the occasional voice of Gork in their head.

    So I'd go with something a bit fun. Frankly, I am thinking "Boondock Saints" soundtrack here.

  2. Love the guard soundtrack - I plan to build a valkyrie with speakers on the side a la apocalypse now, and to fit an MP3 player in there. "Any music associated with Vietnam" pretty accurately describes the playlist I plan to put on there :oP

    As for Orks... hmm, Dropkick Murphies maybe? A folk/rock blend feels about right to me.

  3. For Orks, I think this sums 'em up perfectly:

    Hayseed Dixie, self dubbed "Hillbilly Heavy Rock".

    Either that or "Fuel" by Metallica.

  4. Ive now got the imagage of the 'dukes of hazzard' whenever I picture the orks - red ones go faster......