Monday, 21 December 2009

Confirmed Nid Rumors

well with the release of White Dwarf came the inevitable Battle Report featuring the Nids against the Salamanders, as you would expect from a Melta and Flamer heavy army where they are all twinlinked the Salamanders won the day, but only just.

What was unfortunate was that GW didn't go into the rules very deeply for their new models as with it being Januarys White Dwarf they would be expecting people would have a copy of the Nid Codex to read up on. However a few rumors were confirmed, and here they are:

Firstly eternal warrior is gone for good. Meltas kill Warriors and quick.
Zoanthropes have a Str10 AP1 Assault Lance psychic power, hopefully that will ruin Mech armies.
Carnifex's are extreamly costly, one fex with a stranglethorn cannon runs up 180 points according to White Dwarf.
But a Mawlock is 10 points cheaper with a Str5 AP2 template when it Deepstrikes, and it can burrow again and come up once again like the Swooping Hawks of Eldar, expect to see alot of them in lists.
the Trygon is amazing in combat as it ran through most of the Salamander army at a measly 200 points.
Toxathropes give everyone within 18" a 5+ cover save, but unfortunatly the Salamanders took them out early in the game meaning we missed anything else they may be able to do.
The Hive Guard look good and with a Str8 No line of sight needed weapon they are very survivable, however they lack the AP to be a real threat. Pyrovore is definatly a flamer creature and sounds like it has poisoned attacks in combat similar to the gargoyles who have the old Rending rules, but you get an armour save.

The weapon Rumors seem to holding up as the Fex was equipped with a Stranglethorn cannon, and the Hive Tyrant with a Heavy Venom Cannon.

Thats all I can think of for now from White Dwarf, enjoy and confirm them yourselves with a decent read.

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  1. bring on Jan 16th - new codex and the rules will be mine, all mine muu huu ha ha ha